Spartan SGX Combine



Join your fellow Spartans or Spartan Newbies in an indoor/outdoor Combine in preparation for the fall obstacle races or just for fun!

DATE: Saturday, August 17, 2019

TIME: 7:30am registration and warmup. 8am Combine begins promptly. Combine to end around 10am.

LOCATION: The Space, 5307 S. Hyde Park Blvd and Harold Washington Park

MEDALS: Yes, you receive a medal if you were part of the Find Your Inner Spartan 8-week program or attend at least 4 drop-in sessions in addition to the Combine Competition Day.

AGE REQUIREMENTS: 14+ years old by the date of the Combine


$40 per participant

$25 for current Maeve40 clients or if you attend 4 SGX Sessions with Coach MK.

**EMAIL to sign up for the remaining classes.
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7am or 6:30pm; Saturdays at 7am.
Remaining dates: 7/23, 7/25, 7/27, 7/30, 8/1, 8/6, 8/8, 8/13, 8/15


Preliminary Combine Rules:

1. All athletes get up to 3 attempts per test.

2. Athletes must perform all attempts before moving onto the next test:

• Broad Jump

• 40 Yard Dash

• Pull-Ups (strict pull-ups, full lock out, collar bone to bar) - max # in 60 seconds

• Burpees - max # in 60 seconds. (chest to deck, full hip extension, leave ground, clap overhead.)

Obstacle Combine Rules:

1. All athletes are allowed up to 2 attempts at each event. Only one attempt is required and counted.

2. Athletes must perform all attempts before moving onto the next event

Rope Climbs - Max in one minute. Each rep is a point. (sub: 1 minute chin over bar, start with 3 points, each rest deducts a point.)

Bucket Carry - 5 gallon, 75lbs and 45lbs (male/female) 200 yard shuttle, capped at one minute. 1 point per 50 yards.

Spear / Football Throw - 5 throws. Each time the target is hit is a point. Target should be 12” diameter, stand 15’ away from target.

Herc Hoist - (sub: Ball Slams) Male = 100lbs / Female = 50lbs (sub: 50lbs /20lbs) Max in one minute. (sub: Every 5 reps is a point, Athlete must reach fully extended hip and ball fully extended overhead per rep, and each rep needs a full squat depth per rep)

Burpee 7’ Wall Climb - (sub Burpee Box Jump) - 60 seconds to do as many as possible, reps are counted by chest to deck. Top of burpee can be used to climb wall unless using substitute - (sub: Every 5 reps is a point. Burpee standards per above.)

Barbed Wire Crawl - (sub Bear Crawl with shoe) 100 yard crawl, capped at one minute. 1 point per 50 yards.

Endurance Combine 1.5 mile time trial, flat surface. Start with 5 points. Lose a point for every 30 seconds above 11 minutes.