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Embracing the Power of Joriki through the Kettlebell Diva Workout

  • Joriki Yoga 2950 W. Chicago Chicago, Illinois (map)

Stay strong, svelte and vibrant in the high-energy Kettlebell Diva Workout using kettlebells, the world’s #1 tool, to boost your functional strength, enhance your endurance and refine your movement skills. Get your joriki on to the hot beats of a Live DJ.

Kettlebells are all the rage so join us for a fun and dynamic workout taught by Mackenzie Phillips of MAEVE40 Fitness followed by wine, light refreshments and a first look at the latest athleisure collection by Joriki Yoga.

The schedule is going to feel a little like this...

6:30: You'll arrive, learn a little about the Kettlebell Diva Workout, the RKC system of Kettlebell Training, the 6 fundamental Kettlebell lifts and how the principles of joriki apply to the Kettlebell Diva Workout

6:40: The Joriki crew and Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor, Mackenzie Phillips, will introduce themselves

6:50: Begin our Kettlebell Diva Workout

7:40: Wrap up Kettlebell Diva Workout

7:45: We'll have time to shop discounted Joriki yoga clothing collections with wine and light refreshments


Whether you call yourself a diva, a goddess, a queen or anything in between, we know we are unstoppable when we have tapped into our vibrant strength, power, grace and physical elegance.

The Kettlebell Diva Workout challenges women to unlock the strength within to maximize finesse and athletic performance through the use of kettlebells. Using the training style of "hardstyle," a term used in martial arts, the class participants will learn how to utilize total body tension and relaxation--concepts utilized in internal martial arts like Tai Chi. Using these two opposing extremes leads to the strength, power and physical elegance that we all seek. The workout will be focused on a practice of safety, strength and necessary tension--concepts that are essential to our everyday lives.

Learn a little about your hosts...


Joriki is a high-end brand of unique yoga clothes for women that is located in Chicago and made in the US. We are not just yoga clothes. We are a company that has both a voice and a personality. Each Joriki collection has a unique story behind its creation; and each creation is tied to an associated charity. It’s a full circle with us; inspiration leads to creation, and creation leads to giving back. We are a small company that tries to make a big impact on every piece of yoga clothes that we make - on the person wearing our designs and the people around us. Look Forward Give Back.

Joriki is the strong, individual power that arises when the mind unifies in Zazen concentration. This unique focus enables instinctive action. The yogi who has developed Joriki is free and in control of herself and her circumstance.